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Our commercial team with trading expertise manages and mitigates risk in view of your present day risk appetite

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Management Of Risk & Its Elimination

Fixed Forward Price (FFP)

Risk Tolerance: Low-Mid

FFP allows you to lock in on an agreeable fixed price for a specific quantity over a specific delivery time frame. This avoids price volatility in the bunkers market with more control over your calculated budget. Bunker fuel cost is a major operating cost apprehension for ship owners; this option is suitable for you when you need to set your forecasted budget for an anticipated cost. This avoids the risk of daily bunker fuel cost fluctuations of the market.


  • Lock in prices when bunker prices are projected to increase
  • If you need a guaranteed fixed amount of prerequisite volume
  • Plans for a fixed bunker fuel cost budget
  • Ship owners and ship operators with a predictable vessel schedule

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Floating Price

Risk Tolerance: Mid

The floating price structure offers you the flexibility to lock in a fixed differential against an underlining floating price index. Furthermore, with us you may:

  • Convert from floating price to fixed forward
  • Convert from fixed forward to floating price

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Spot Price

Risk Tolerance: Mid-High

Spot market is a direct deal or contract where bunkers are sold at an agreed price basis the current market price.


  • Understand the external influence contributing to the volatility of the market
  • Supply and demand dynamics for each port

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Custom Contract

Risk Tolerance: Low

A well balanced and diversified selection of bunker fuel procurement solutions, like any investments, helps to manage your risk and operating cost in the long and short term outlook.

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