Consort Bunkers


Zero tolerance when it comes to EHS



Adhering to safety regulation is the bare minimum that any company would have to comply to. We however choose to go beyond the standard requirements and strive to identify unforeseen circumstances that can prevent hazards. Rules and regulation can be a limitation when it comes to unpredictable situations. In view to be prepared for risk, our forward thinking management team together with our compliance team, implements a series of program to regularly re-cultivate and instill the importance of safety and scenarios for crisis management. Under strict supervision, we ensure that the readiness of our seafarers will be able to take on challenging events.

We pledge to provide a safe working environment for all our employees and seafarers. We are also a responsible business partner that leaves no room for risk prone events throughout the process of bunker supply that could well imply a negative environmental impact.



Maritime Singapore Green Initiative introduced the Green Ship Programme seeking to reduce the environmental impact and to promote clean and green shipping. Our newly constructed P-series of ships have been recognised by Maritime and Port Authority of SIngapore (MPA) under the Green Ship Program.

Our M-series ships incorporates energy efficient ship designs that reduces fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, attaining beyond the requirements of the IMO’s Energy Efficiency.